Almost Famous is a American dramafilm from 2000 -written by, and directed by Cameron Crowe. The story takes off in the California city San Diego in the year 1973, right in the time of the rock-'n-roll. The 15-year-old journalist William Miller works for Rolling Stone (first for CREEM magazine) and should write an article about the new band Stillwater. As a journalist for Rolling Stone magazine he may join the tour by the band America makes. The band traveling first per tourbus, and goes further by plane later. The film is semi-autobiographical, because Crowe as a teenager itself also articles wrote for Rolling Stone.

Story[Edit][edit | edit source]

It is 1973. William Miller, a 15-year-old teen, who has traits of giftedness writes pieces for local newspapers. One day he brings a visit to the local radio station where rock and roll critic Lester Bangs in a broadcast. William has been around since he got his sister plates in 1968 fascinated by rock and roll, and would like to talk with Lester Bangs. If the broadcast is over, and he comes out Bangs William runs against. While Bangs to a local restaurant near William runs with him, and goes the two touching to talking. They exchange their latest thoughts on rock and roll out, and gradually become friends. Lester Bangs is so impressed with the 15-year-old William that he gives him the order to a piece about Black Sabbath for CREEM magazine is going to write. William Lester may call for advice, but the piece itself he must write all alone.

When Black Sabbath in San Diego to the band via the back entrance to William occurs speak get. He is not allowed by the door, even if he says he is a journalist for CREEM magazine. Like a bunch of "groupies" try it too, they are allowed. Moments later the band Stillwater and William makes a small chat with them. The band members will see the boy now be, and let him inside. At the concert against William Penny Lane runs on, and hit the two befriended each other. Penny is planning to go on tour with the band Stillwater.

As William 2 days later the interview in CREEM magazine returned, they are very excited about his writing. This remains unnoticed at the magazine Rolling Stone. He is almost immediately called by the sheet, and should write a piece about the band Stillwater. He gets a press pass, and should with the Stillwater on tour to 4 major US cities. This gives William the ultimate chance to produce a quality interview. His mother, however, is against, because he's in the middle of his exams. Yet she lets her son go.

At the local concert of Stillwater he comes "groupie" Penny Lane again. Also Penny Lane goes on tour with the band.

The tour is the band for one big party, and William know to gain the confidence of the band. However, the band members know too well with female groupies, and abuse some groupies. Also the band more and more challenges to face, because there is disagreement about who the lead in the band. In this way, William learns during this experience the world of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll know well.

On the plane back to San Diego hits the plane in a big storm. It seems almost there on that the plane is going to crash. The band members confess their latest secrets on.

Back in San Diego William must answer to the editor of Rolling Stone. He will have the opportunity to write to its article 1 evening yet longer. Until now, that is not successful, because he had too busy with his adventure with the band. He decides to let the article go about his adventure. The next morning if the editors at Rolling Stone read this, they are very happy with the article. The editorial decision the band to call for confirmation of the story, but this deny in all tonalities. In fact, the article also expressed how the band members "use" made of the many "groupies". The band members are there in the true story not too good from.However, writes William also praised the band members, whom he has come to know better during the tour.

Prices[Edit][edit | edit source]

Academy Awards, 2001

[1] Won- Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen (best scenario)-Cameron Crowe
Nomination- Best Actress in a Supporting Role (best actress in a supporting role)-Kate Hudson
Nomination- Best Actress in a Supporting Role (best actress in a supporting role)-Frances McDormand
Nomination- Best Editing (Best edited)- Joe Hutshing & Saar Klein

Division Of Roles[Edit][edit | edit source]

Actor Character
Patrick Fugit William Miller
Billy Crudup Russell Hammond
Frances McDormand Elaine Miller
Kate Hudson Penny Lane (lady goodman)
Jason Lee Jeff Bebe
Anna Paquin Polexia Aphrodisia
Zooey Deschanel Anita Miller
Michael Angarano Younger William
Fairuza Balk Sapphire
Noah Taylor Dick Roswell
John Fedevich Ed Fall court
Mark Kozelek Larry Fellows
Philip Seymour Hoffman Lester Bangs
Liz Stauber Leslie
Jimmy Fallon Dennis Hope
Jay Baruchel Vic Munoz
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