Template:Infobox film Les Belles de nuit (US title: Beauties of the Night) is a 1952 French language motion picture fantasy directed and written by René Clair who co-produced with Angelo Rizzoli. The film stars Gérard Philipe, Martine Carol, Gina Lollobrigida and Magali Vendeuil.[1] It was nominated the Venice Film Festival for Golden Lion (René Clair).

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Impoverished piano teacher and composer Claude (Gérard Philipe) fantasizes about seducing beautiful rich women. One night a promising dream turns into a nightmare in which he's chased by the violent husbands and brothers of his lovers. He gets up and tries to stay awake for fear of feeling haunted again. Then he meets his neighbour Suzanne (Magali Vendeuil) who resembles a woman from his dream.

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