The Bounty is a chocolate bar with coconut filling . This is sold in Europe , Canada , the United States , the Middle East and Oceania . The bar is manufactured by Mars Incorporated . The bar is available in both dark and milk chocolate. In the past, this bar was bigger and each one wrapped like a Mars bar. Later, and until now, the bar packed every two (smaller / shortened) copies.

The commercials are often Bounty paradise see beaches, waterfalls and other tropical scenes. Here then comes the notion bounty beach from.

Bounty is one of the chocolate bars in Celebrations .

Trademark right Edit

On 8 July 2009, the court ruled the European Court of Justice that the shape of the bounty bars with rounded edges and protrusions at the top, is not special enough to be registered as a European brand. This was decided in a case brought by Mars Incorporated against rival Ludwig Schokolade.

Use as a term of abuse Edit

The word bounty is also used as a derogatory term for blacks who would behave blank (black outside, white inside). Since 1999, this meaning in the Van Dale.