Channel 4 is a television channel in the United Kingdom. It is a public service broadcaster, established by the British Government, who are not able to call on public funds.All income of the radio channel are extracted from commercial activities such as advertising. The transmitter was founded to prevent the two BBC channels and the only commercial tv channel that there were, at the time of the creation, the only ITVtv channels of the country would be.

Its first broadcast was on november 2, 1982Countdown was the first programme.

Channel 4 is also to receive in Netherlands and Flanders. Since 2008 sends the unencrypted from the Astra 2 satellite namely via, where also the BBC channels and ITV channels broadcast in unencoded form.

Different originally for Channel 4 produced programs were later also abroad to see. These include the comic series The Comic StripLipstick on your collarDa Ali G ShowThe IT CrowdBlack Books and Spaced. Channel 4 also broadcasts among other things from Big Brother . Channel 4 has in addition the British broadcasting rights for the series LostUgly BettyDesperate Housewives Will & Grace .

Under the name of Film4 Productions produces the transmitter also British films, including The Madness of King GeorgeThe Crying GameTrainspotting and Four Weddings and a Funeral .

Channel 4 also has a number of digital channels: E4Film4More4 and 4Music.

Due to the financial crisis go there votes on to Channel 4 to merge with Five. 

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