Doctor Snuggles is a British cartoon series. It was conceived by the British writer Jeffrey O'Kelly in 1966. The cartoon came on the television in 1979 and was produced by the Dutch company Poly scope. There are only 13 episodes of 25 minutes, which by the AVRO in 65 parts of 5 minutes are aired from 1979 to 1981. The series is repeated In 1983, but then in the original 13 parts. The voice Doctor Snuggles was voiced by Peter Ustinov in the original series. In the Dutch operation was the voice by Jules Croiset played.


The first six episodes are written by Richard CarpenterDouglas Adams and John Lloyd have episode 7 and 12 written, Loek K. episode 9. The remaining episodes were written by Paul Halas.

  1. The birth of the Super robot Ma eye-catcher
  2. The strange flight of the Marmaladeboom
  3. The brutal kidnapping of Juf Neatly
  4. The secret of the magic mushroom
  5. The sick cat
  6. The magic diamond
  7. The enigmatic water robbery animals
  8. Beware of the little fellows fire
  9. The love letters
  10. The miraculous powers of a magic box
  11. The liberation of the Kukels
  12. The great vanishing mystery
  13. The great trip to Hopocopoco

The story[Edit]Edit

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Doctor Snuggles is a always excited heertje and lives in a magical land where the animals can talk and various objects. He is inventor of the most silly things like the rocket ' Space-thud-thud '. He can move super fast through the country with another crazy invention, ' Pluutje '. Pluutje looks like an ordinary umbrella but he can do much more than protect his master from the rain. Pluutje can jump, flying and has gotten many other capabilities built in by Doctor Snuggles.

Dennis the Badger and the little mouse Nobby are the two loyal assistants of Doctor Snuggles. Along with them he makes more than even a real gang of Krikkety, living in the multifunctional barn ' Krak ', where he invents his inventions. Also a handy invention he made the ' who-what-where ' machine. He can watch what happens all over the world, and he can consult predictions. A major annoyance of his old housekeeper Neatly Teacher is that they hate clutter. To help her with the many cleaning work builds Doctor Snuggles a robot, which gets the name Ma eye-catcher.

It is well known that Doctor Snuggles always stands ready to help to animals and humans. He has also the help of the Kosmokat, a being from another planet that can solve a lot of puzzles with his foresight. He lives with the Nice Granny Care, which has a cat hospital.

Doctor Snuggles also has a friend, Uncle Bill the world traveler, who lives at the bottom of the sea in a home-built submarine, ' the deep-sea lobster '.

Sometimes there is also a problem on another planet or is a problem on Earth to space creatures and then Doctor Snuggles, Dennis and Nobby on tour with the Space-thud-thud. During one of those trips, they learn to know the sproetekameel on the Bobble, Lavender planet lives with his three Lavender sheep.

Doctor Snuggels has many friends everywhere but he also has a rival. Professor Emerald is a wizard who wants to conquer the country and often quarrel with Doctor Snuggles. Also Willie, the terrible Fox and his companion Charlie the rat dare the good deeds of Doctor Snuggles ever to thwart.

However, not to let his heart Doctor Snuggels come and continues his cheerful, nice, optimistic self because he wants to make the world a better place.