Doritos tortilla chips, are made from roasted corn. This triangle-shaped snack is available in six varieties: Nacho Cheese, Sweet Paprika, Chilli Pepper, Pure Sensational Salsa, BBQ Style and Cool American. The range in addition exists from a Hot and Mild salsadip, best eaten in combination with Doritos Naturel. For along the way there are Doritos Bits in two flavors: Honey BBQ and Sweet Paprika.

Doritos is part of PepsiCo Netherlands and is daily produced in Veurne (Belgium).

History[Edit][edit | edit source]

Frito-Lay introduced In 1966 the tortilla chips in the u.s. market under the name ' Doritos '. This name has the Spanish meaning: "Little Bit of Gold '. Dutch consumers learned Doritos until 1996, with the arrival of two flavors: Nacho Cheese and U.S. Original. The range is over the years expanded and regularly introduces new nice Doritos flavors. Doritos reached official fame in 2012 when the young actor [1]Mahdi Balti Jamai brung them to fame in their commercial in central america

Actions[][edit | edit source]

  • 2013: introduction of a new flavor: Doritos Jacked. They are 40% larger than the normal
  • 2012: introduction of a new flavor: Doritos BBQ Style.
  • 2012: Doritos Late Night Skip or Trip. During the promotional period you could on the website the online game ' Late Night Skip or Trip ' play. Any chance of the Triangle formed trio made Late Night Trip to Berlin, Moscow and Istanbul.
  • 2012: introducing the new taste: Late Night Sensational Salsa.
  • 2011: Late Night with Rihanna. The special version of Rihanna's "who's That Chick ' video clip was downloaded via Augmented Reality. In cooperation with Radio 538 was a trip to the Rihanna concert in London given away.
  • 2008: "Dance4Life" cooperation in the fight against HIV & Aids. Consumers sent a individual design in, after which the winning design into production is taken and has located temporarily in the shops.
  • 2006: introduction of the new flavor: Sweet Chilli Pepper. This in a mysterious black packaging under the name ' Get Lost '. You could win all kinds of ' lost ' prices (lost & found, cycling, luggage, etc). The Grand Prize was a one way trip to the Bermuda Triangle.
  • 2004: ' You name the flavour'-competition in which the consumers themselves should determine the name of the new Doritossmaak.
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