Good Morning, Miss Bliss is an American sitcom from Disney Channel and NBC. The series is the predecessor of the successful series Saved by the Bell .


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About the series[Edit]Edit

In contrast to Saved by the Bell founded the series on the teacher, not the students. In this case it was that Miss Carrie Bliss. She was one of the few female teachers at the school with whom the children could talk like they are in trouble came. Her 13-and 14-year-old pupils consisted of Zack Morris, the manipulative charmer, Lisa Turtle, the rich shop-a-holic, Samuel "Screech" Powers, the nerd, Mikey Gonzalez, the shy boy and Nikki Coleman, the open vocal advocate in spe with her own opinion. The series also focused on Miss Tina Paladrino claviger Mylo Williams and teacher.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


  1. "Love Letters" (7 december 1988)-Screech for help with Zack as he looks for a love poem to Lisa wants to write.
  2. "Wall Street" (14 december 1988)-if there is a project in class is held over aandelingen, invests the money of everyone from the class Zack in something very risk vols.
  3. "Leaping to Conclusions" (21 december 1988)-if the class must dissect a frog for biology, refuses Nikki do. With all the consequences afterwards...
  4. "Parents and Teachers Edition" (december 28, 1988)-Zacks Father Peter (Robert Pine) meet Miss Bliss on a PTA meeting. He discovers that he is attracted to her feels. Not everyone here is so happy with it as he.
  5. "Showdown" (4 January 1989)-Screech is bullied by Deke Simmons (Andras Jones). His friends encourage him to come therefore to for themselves.
  6. "Save the Last Dance for Me" (25 January 1989)-Mickey falls in love with Shana (Alexondra Lee). She asked Zack for Zack accepts its offer, making a ball. Zack and Mickey soon rivals of one another.
  7. "The Boy Who Cried Rat" (11 February 1989)-Miss Bliss is candidate for "teacher of the year". In the meantime let Zack Screech ' mouse walk around at school to press a key to be missed.
  8. "Let's Get Together" (18 February 1989)-Zack and Nikki can each other behind the wallpaper paste if they should work together on a project. Meanwhile, Tina pulls at Miss Bliss in when her boyfriend dumps her.It then takes not long before Miss Bliss also goes mad by Tina.
  9. "Practical Jokes" (25 February 1989)-a mocked lawsuit held by Miss Bliss after a series of jokes.
  10. "Stevie" (4 March 1989)-Zack made a bet with Nikki that he pop singer Stevie (Suzanne Tara) can kissing.
  11. "Clubs and Cliques" (11 March 1989)-Zack is ashamed of his old friends as he joins a now older and a more popular group.
  12. "The Mentor" (18 March 1989)-Miss Bliss ' old teacher James Lyman (Robert Donner) returns and starts fuss with his teaching methods.

Original pilot episode[Edit]Edit

The original pilot episode of Good Morning, Miss Bliss aired on July 11, 1987 by NBC. The cast in this episode was:


Good Morning, Miss Bliss is the only series from the Saved by the Bellseries which are not on dvd appeared. This is because the series was released by Disney Channel and NBC  which was not interested in a dvd Edition.

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