The Grammy Awards (originally called the Gramophone Awards) are generally regarded as one of the main, if not the most important music awards in the world, comparable to the Oscars for the film world. The awards are annually in the United States by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) awarded to honor artistic and technical achievements in the music profession. The jury consists of professional music artists and technicians who make a choice of nominees: musicians, artists, arrangers , songwriters, producers , conductors , composers and music technicians in many categories. There is also a category of 'spoken word', which is also known politicians like Jesse Jackson , Franklin D. Roosevelt , Martin Luther King and Hillary Clinton ever received a Grammy.


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Categories [ edit ]Edit

The number of categories changes almost every year. In the spring of 2011, the Grammy organization announced that the number of categories from 2012 would be drastically curtailed. Were in 2011 awarded prizes in 109 categories, in 2012 there were only 78. NARAS this reorganization was necessary because in some cases the criteria were not entirely clear for a category, or that there simply are not enough for some categories productions were submitted. It also called upon the distinction was made between men and women. Several categories were combined, including that for Best Male Pop Performance and Best Female Pop Performance for Best Pop Solo Performance.

After this major surgery for the years 2013 and 2014 have made some minor changes. For example, in 2013 the number of categories again expanded to 81. In 2014 there was another category in which American Roots for Best Song. [1]

For 2015 are reapplied some changes. There are two new categories: Best American Roots Performance (best performance of a song in an original (north) American music such as zydeco, folk, Americana, Indian music) and Best Roots Gospel Album (for an album in North America music styles, such as southern gospel 'and others). Furthermore, from 2015 samples and other adaptations of existing songs in a new number allowed in the categories for Song Of The Year , Best Rock Song, Best R & B Song, Best Country Song, Best Gospel Song, Best Contemporary Christian Music Song, Best American Roots Song and Best Song Written For Visual Media. Until now, samples and edits allowed in the category of Best Rap Song, but this is now so for all categories in which composers can win a Grammy.

In 2015, the prices in the following 83 categories are divided. BTW the first year in which the award was first presented:

  • General
    • Record of the Year : For the best recording of the year. It does not necessarily have to have been a single; "Record" stands for "recording" ("Recording"). Price is for the artist, producer (s) and mixer (s) (1959))
    • Album of the Year : For the best album of the year. This can be in each genre (incl. Classical music) (1959)
    • Song of the Year : For the composer (s) of the best song of the year (1959)
    • Best New Artist : For best new artist (who have not previously had a big hit) (1960)

(Difference between Record of the Year and Song of the Year: 'Record' is the technical quality of the recording, while in "Song" mainly the quality of the composition)

  • Doll
    • Best Pop Solo Performance: For solo performances (singer [es] or instrumentalist) in the pop genre (2012)
    • Best Pop Duo / Group Performance: For performances by duos (including occasional duo's.) Or groups in the pop genre (2012)
    • Best Pop Vocal Album: For albums in the pop genre, performed by singers / groups or singers (1995)
    • Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album: For an album in the traditional pop genre; to think of artists like Tony Bennett , Frank Sinatra , Michael Buble or Barbra Streisand . (1992)

  • Contemporary Instrumental Music
    • Best Contemporary Instrumental Album: For instrumental albums in various contemporary genres, both for soloists and duos / groups (t / m in 2014 known as Best Pop Instrumental Album, but changed from 2015 in Contemporary Instrumental Album order other styles than pop chance To give to be represented in this category)

  • Dance / Electronic
    • Best Dance Recording: For best absorption into the dance genre (and all its subgenres). Price for artist, mixer (s) and producer (s) (1998)
    • Best Dance / Electronic Album (2005): For best album with "dance material in an electronic version," to distinguish this category of albums with other instrumentation (eg pop, rock, R & B, etc.). Price for artist, mixer (s) and producer (s).

  • Rock
    • Best Rock Performance: For best solo performances (singer [es] or instrumentalist) in the rock genre (2012)
    • Best Metal Performance: For best metal performance (both soloists, instrumentalists and groups may win in this category) (1990)
    • Best Rock Song: For the composer (s) of the best rock song (1992)
    • Best Rock Album: For the best album in the rock genre (1995)

  • Alternative
    • Best Alternative Music Album: For the best album in the alternative rock genre (1991)

  • R & B
    • Best R & B Performance: For performances in the R & B genre and its subgenres (eg, Urban). Price for soloists, instrumentalists and groups (2012)
    • Best Traditional R & B Performance: For traditional R & B performance, as opposed to contemporary R & B variants such as urban, contemporary or alternative (1999)
    • Best R & B Song: Best R & B Song (price for composer [and]) (1969)
    • Best Urban Contemporary Album: For the best album in the urban subgenre (2013)
    • Best R & B Album: Best R & B album (1995)

  • Rap
    • Best Rap Performance: For the best performance in the rap genre. For soloists and groups (1989)
    • Best Rap / Sung Collaboration: For a collaboration or duet between a rapper and a singer [es] or group (2002)
    • Best Rap Song: For the composer (s) of a rapsong (2004)
    • Best Rap Album: For best rap album (1996)

  • Country
    • Best Country Solo Performance: For the best solo performance in the country genre. For singers and instrumentalists (2012)
    • Best Country Duo / Group Performance: For best performance by a duo or group in the country genre (2012)
    • Best Country Song: For the composer (s) of the best country song (1965)
    • Best Country Album: The best country album (1965)

  • New Age
    • Best New Age Album: For the best album in the New Age genre (1987)

  • Jazz
    • Best Improvised Jazz Solo: For the best (improvised) solo on a jazz recording. Although vocal solos are not excluded from this category, the prize goes mostly to an instrumental solo (1959)
    • Best Jazz Vocal Album: For vocal performances in the jazz genre. Price is for singers and groups. (1977)
    • Best Jazz Instrumental Album: For the best instrumental album in the jazz genre (and its subgenres) (1959)
    • Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album: For great big bands and jazz ensembles (1961)
    • Best Latin Jazz Album: For the best album in the Latin jazz subgenre (1995)

  • Gospel
    • 'Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance / Song: For performances and compositions of modern, contemporary gospel music (in the US referred to in recent years as "Contemporary Christian Music [contemporary Christian music] to avoid confusion with the traditional gospel music) (from 2015, replacing the categories Best Gospel / Contemporary Christian Music Performance [for performers] and Best Contemporary Christian Music Song [composers])
    • Best Gospel Performance / Song: executive (s) and composer (s) of the best song in the (traditional) gospel genre (from 2015, the category replaces Best Gospel Song [composers] and traditional gospel music that used in the for Best Gospel / Contemporary Christian Music Performance)
    • Best Gospel Album: For the best album in the (traditional) gospel genre (2012)
    • Best Contemporary Christian Music Album: For the best album in the Modern Contemporary Christian Music genre (2012)
    • Best Roots Gospel Album: For an album in the traditional North American music styles such as 'southern gospel', bluegrass, blues, folk, Americana, etc. (2015)

  • Latin
    • Best Latin Pop Album: For best Latin album in the Latin pop subgenre (2013)
    • Best Latin Rock, Alternative or Urban Album: For an album in the subgenres Latin rock, urban and alternative (1998)
    • Best Regional Mexican Music Album: For an album in the various subgenres in the original Mexican music, including Tejano , mariachi and other forms of Mexican folk music (2012)
    • Best Tropical Latin Album: For albums in the tropical Latin subgenres, such as salsa, merengue, cumbia, bachata, reggaeton and other styles that are often associated with the Caribbean (1984)

  • American Roots
    • Best Americana Album: For albums in the broad Americana Chants (rock, acoustic, folk influences, etc.) (2010)
    • Best Bluegrass Album: For albums in the bluegrass genre (1989)
    • Best Blues Album: For albums in the blues genre (2012)
    • Best Folk Album: For albums in the folk genre, including modern (American) folk and crossovers between traditional folk and modern pop or rock (2012)
    • Best Regional Roots Music Album: For regional American music such as Hawaiian music, polka, zydeco , Cajun and Indian music) (2012)
    • Best American Roots Song: For the composer (s) of the best song in the styles described above (2014)
    • Best American Roots Performance: For the best performance of a song in the styles described above (2015)

  • Reggae
    • Best Reggae Album: For best reggae album (1985)

  • World
    • Best World Music Album: For the best album in the world music genre, ie music of non-Western origin (1992)

  • Spoken Word (Spoken Word)
    • Best Spoken Word Album For best spoken word album, including audio books, speeches and stories (1959)

  • Comedy
    • Best Comedy Album: For best comedy album, both spoken word and music (1959)

  • Musicals
    • Best Musical Theater Album: For best album with music from a musical or theater. Price is the main soloist (s), producer (s) and composer (s) in case that was not previously recorded or performed any work. If that is the case (eg with a revival of an older musical) only get the soloists and producers a Grammy (1959)

  • Visual Media
    • Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media: For best soundtrack for visual media (film, TV, DVD, game), composed of previously unreleased material that does not necessarily specially written for the occasion (2000)
    • Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media: For original music for a movie, TV show, DVD, or video game was composed (1960)
    • Best Song Written for Visual Media: For the composer (s) of the best song for a movie, TV show, DVD, or video game (1988)

  • Compositions / Packages
    • Best Instrumental Composition: For the composer (s) of the best instrumental song. This can be in each genre (except for classical music) (1959)
    • Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella: The author (s) of the best instrumental or vocal arrangement. This can be in any genre (except classical music) (1963; by 2015 this category also applies to vocal arrangements)
    • Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals: For the creator (s) of the best instrumental or vocal arrangement in a version with vocals (1963; by 2015 this category also applies to vocal arrangements)

  • Covers
    • Best Recording Package: For the designer (s) of the best cover (1959)
    • Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package: For the designer (s) of the best cover / packaging of boxed sets or other special versions of an album (1995)
    • Best Album Notes: For the writer (s) of the best liner notes (1964)

  • Historical material
    • Best Historical Album: For an album with historical material and / or re-released material in a historical context (1979)

  • Production (non-classical)
    • Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical: For technicians on a non-classical album, in any genre (except classical) (1959)
    • Producer of the Year, Non-Classical: For best producer (s) of the year; usually this award is based on a number of albums that he / she has produced that year (1975)
    • Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical: For the creator (s) of the best remix. Price is for the remixer (s), not the artist (s) (1998)

  • Surround Sound
    • Best Surround Sound Album: For technicians and producer (s) for the best album in surround sound stereo, in any genre (including classical). Price is for the technicians and producer (s), not the artist (s) (2005)

  • Production (classical)
    • Best Engineered Album (Classical): For the best technicians on a classical album (1959)
    • Producer of the Year, Classical: For the best classical producer (s) of the year (1980)

  • Classical Music
    • Best Orchestral Performance: For the best performance of an orchestra. Price is for the director and the producer (1959)
    • Best Opera Recording: For the best opera performance. Price is for the conductor, the main soloist (s) and producer (1961)
    • Best Choral Performance: For the best performance of a choir (with material other than opera). Price is for the conductor of the choir, the conductor of the orchestra, technicians and producer (1961)
    • Best Chamber Music / Small Ensemble Performance: For small music - fewer than 24 members - including combos and chamber ensembles. Price is for the director / conductor of the ensemble (1959)
    • Best Classical Instrumental Solo: For best instrumental solo in the classical genre. Price is for the soloist (2012)
    • Best Classical Solo Vocal Album: For the best vocal solo in the classical genre. Price is for the soloist (1959)
    • Best Classical Compendium: For albums that consist of a loose collection of classical pieces, possibly in different styles (2013)
    • Best Contemporary Classical Composition: For the composer (s) of a new classical piece (1961)

  • Music
    • Best Music Video: The author (s) of the best music video. Price is for the artist, director and producer (1984)
    • Best Music Video: The author (s) of the best long music video, such as documentaries and concert adaptations. Price is for the artist, director and producer (1984)

Disappeared categories [ edit ]Edit

Over the years, dozens of classes have been canceled or amended. For example, in 2012, raised in almost thirty classes once or merged. Sometimes it's a small change, but sometimes attacked by a vanished category full music or artists outside the boat. Some examples of such disappeared categories are:

  • Best Disco Recording: For the best disco record. Category existed only one year (1980) when the first Grammy was awarded the disco craze was already over.
  • Best Performance by an Orchestra for Dancing: For the best recording of a dance orchestra. The prize was awarded in 1959 t / m 1964 and was mainly produced by big bands. Nowadays, big bands distinguished in the jazz category.
  • Best Polka Album: For best polka album. The group consisted of 1986 t / m 2009; of the 24 Grammys, 18 were won by polka musician Jimmy Sturr.

Records [ edit ]Edit

(Until 2015 )

Most Grammy wins

Beyoncé has won 18 solo Grammy's, plus 2 as a member of Destiny's Child .)

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