John Lydon (London31 January 1956), also known as Johnny Rotten , is an English musician and journalist who as lead singer of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd.(Pill).

Lydon is, especially because of its sarcastic personality, in 1975 by Malcolm McLaren touted as frontman for the Sex Pistols. His screeching vocals and astute venom soon are the trademark of the group. Johnny Rotten is clearly talented to go to McLarens pipes to dance. He left the band in January 1978 and brings only weeks on Jamaica byRichard Branson's artists where he recruits for Virgin-label and, unreleased, footage of Lee Perry makes. Then he pulls back in a flat in London to lawsuits against Malcolm McLaren and Jah Wobble with work on a new band: Public Image Limited. The nature of Lydon's frustrations with the Sex Pistols, it is clear from the plans he has: Pill will have no manager, no long tours and each band member has an equal share in the group.

Pill stays active until 1992 after which Lydon his memoirs Chronicle in Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs. Though he still sang the song Open Up for the breakbeat musicians Leftfield. In the late 1990s he organizes a Sex Pistols reunion. Then comes his first solo album: psycho's Path. Then he shifts his attention more and more to journalistic pursuits.

In 2005 he presented together with the Belgian journalist Marc Reynebeau Reynebeau & Rotten on the travel programme the Belgian men's Canvas in which the two United Kingdom permeated with looking for the "Greatness Of Britain".

On June 22, 2010, his house destroyed by a short circuit. 

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