Lolita is a 1997 film directed by Adrian Lyne , based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov (1955). It is a new version of the 1962 film by Stanley Kubrick.

Story[Edit][edit | edit source]

The film is about the British professor Humbert Humbert (Jeremy Irons) who rents a room in the House of Charlotte Haze (Melanie Griffith). He decides to stay with Haze after falling in love with her young 12 year old daughter Dolores, whom he refers to as Lolita (Dominique Swain). He marries Haze as a way to stay close to Lolita and secretly develop a relationship with her, having no real attraction to her mother. After Haze is hit by a car and dies, Humbert brings Lolita home from summer camp early, telling her that her mother is in the hospital in the next town over and that they're going to visit her. This however is a lie, Humbert is really on the run and taking Lolita with him so they can be together. While on the lamb, Clare Quintly, one of Lolita's former teachers, "falls in love" with her. Lolita then leaves Humbert to be with Quintly instead. Years later Humbert and Lolita meet again to and begin to discuss the time they were apart. Finding out horrible things Quintly has done to and with Lolita, Humbert kills him in a fit of rage.

Division Of Roles[Edit][edit | edit source]

Actor Character
Dominique Swain Lolita Haze
Jeremy Irons Humbert Humbert
Melanie Griffith Charlotte Haze
Frank Langella Clare Quilty
Suzanne Shepherd Miss Pratt
Keith Reddin Reverend Rigger
Erin J. Dean Mona
Joan Glover Miss LeBone
Angela Paton Mrs. Holmes
Ben Silverstone young Humbert Humbert
Ronald Pickup young father of Humbert
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