Nelle Porter is a fictional character on the dramedy Ally McBeal. The role was played by actress Portia de Rossi from the first episode of the second season until the end of the series on May 20, 2002.

Fictional Character History[Edit]Edit

Nelle is lawyer and is referred to by Richard Fish asked to join his Office Fish & Cage to come to work. The women in the Department feel immediately threatened by the beautiful Nelle, who has the nickname SubZero Nelle. For taking them she wants to speak first with a female colleague and she goes to Ally. Although it is not the intention of Ally was to coax to Nelle choose Nelle there anyway to take the offer of Richard to. Georgia Thomas has problems with Nelle because she found herself the most beautiful and now she is heavy competition. NelleNelle also has long blonde hair and who let Georgia a few months earlier had cut them off. Nelle's best friend Ling Woo regularly issues new business for the Office. After a while it becomes known that they advocate is a one time thing and after she gets the hang of it and she also works at the Office.

John Cage is soon attracted to Nelle, but thinks he's no chance with her. John has a tree frog and Stefan takes him often to work. Nelle has a Holy terror of frogs and shortly thereafter is the frog accidentally flushed down the toilet. Nelle buy a new tree frog for him they Milly calls it. Milly used to be her favorite hamster and was eaten by a frog, what her hatred for animals explains. In the next episode is going to Georgia to the toilet as Stefan succeeds in getting back to crawl from the tube. They frightened of an unplanned as the frog on her and throws him to Nelle. That throws him back and as Richard from the toilet comes and opens the door comes Stefan receives and is in coma. John understands not how Stefan from the toilet is is possible to get inside and then to fall into a coma. Nelle goes to his desk and confession is that they end up been.John is evil and would have beaten him if he mimics how Nelle comes the frog at and jumps up causing him now by John is thrown against the window. Stefan also survives this attack and to celebrate it is John with Nelle, Richard and Ling in a Chinese restaurant food. Ling asks the waiter for some salad to Stefan, but who understands the wrong and Stefan makes ready to eat. As John asks where the waiter says Stefan remains that they have just eaten him.

Nelle and John go on date and Nelle is really interested in him, but he keeps the boat off. Nelle thinks this is because John without knowing it is in love with Ally. For the birthday of John Barry White that controls Nelle is singing in the bar where they always have a drink. John here is very by getting caught and is again interested in Nelle. They begin a relationship and initially very well between them. John hears a conversation on a time of Nelle and Ling in which she says she ever wants to be spanked. John decides to do this but and in the bed he strikes with a brush on her rear what they absolutely can't appreciate. There are more and more cracks in their relationship and John finds Nelle an elitist bitch. On one occasion is John stuck in the elevator and ends Nelle the relationship where everyone at State without even John eye contact. As a result, he is very hurt and he throws the blame to her head all the time. As Richard Nelle says she's not a partner in the company she is evil and wants them to leave. She tries to take the customer base, but its not. Eventually, she wants to continue to prefer. John and Nelle lay their quarrel, but start any new relationship.

In the last two seasons is Nelle still often, but has no personal story line more. She does have a date on the internet, but more either. Although she has known as a bitch anyway Nelle a heart of gold. As Elaine an audition for a musical and not selected is makes them sure they should go a second time. They give the best of himself and Nelle is specially to the theater to see this gone. Later she tells to Elaine that she is jealous on her because she has dreams and they not at all. As Liza Bump come to work at the company is making its new rival. Liza finds out that Nelle actually turn hot, but Morgan Nelle comes behind that Liza Debbie hot.Liza marries Richard and Barry White for their marriage regulates Nelle again at the bar. If Ally to New York moves put them her differences with Ally aside and wishes her the best.

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