Serena van der Woodsen, portrayed by Blake Lively, is a fictional character in the television series Gossip Girl. .

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Book Series[Edit][edit | edit source]

The spontaneous and wanted Serena is a prominent member of the upper class. Her father leads the same Dutch shipping firm his great-grandfather founded in the 18th century, and her mother, Lillian van der Woodsen, is a member of the beau monde. After she is kicked out of boarding school, she goes back to the private school on the Upper East Side. As an actress and model in spe, Serena has just released the role of Holly Golightly in Ken Moguls "Breakfast At Fred 's" gotten. They had decided to with her best friend Blair Waldorf after the summer to go to Yale University . However, if a sequel turns out to come on "Breakfast At Fred 's" they decide not to go. She is described as irresistible and also goes out with many men. She lost her virginity to Nate Archibald and writes on her eighteenth birthday a letter to him in which she says she fell in love with him. When Blair finds out here, destroys them the letter before Nate has gotten a chance to read it. However, if Serena admits her love for Nate in his presence, he discovered Nate that Serena on both as Blair is in love with.

Television Series[Edit][edit | edit source]

Serena van der Woodsen unexpectedly comes back to New York after they disappeared out of nowhere to a boarding school in Connecticut. She is not immediately welcome to her best friend Blair Waldorf, who has become by the absence of Serena Queen Bee at school. When Blair finds out that her boyfriend has lost his virginity toNate Archibald Serena a year before Blair would let take the friendship not on. Blair continues to make life difficult for Serena until the reason for return of Serena becomes known, the suicide attempt by her brother Eric Blair and Serena again, close friendship.

Serena then meets outsider Than Humphrey and starts dating him. They get a stable relationship although Then has trouble descent difference and Serena's heady past.Serena considers its relationship with Dan as a new start as a changed man.

If Serena finds out that her mother Lily in the past has had a relationship with Rufus and father Dance that they want to give a chance that relationship again begs Serena Lily not to do so because they believe that that relationship will not last long, as all previous of Lily and that it could damage her relationship with Dan. As a result, Lily decides to go into the marriage proposal of Bart Bass.

When Serena gets gifts that remind her of her past suspect them first Chuck Bass but not much later revealed that Georgina Sparks behind it. An old girlfriend who wants to pick up the old life again. She blackmails her because Serena thinks she killed someone has. As a result, they by then lying and she says that she is cheating on you.As later revealed that this is not true can not forgive her Then that she has lied to him. They are now officially apart.

During the summer does Serena as if they have a relationship with Nate so not discovered is that he is having an affair with an older married woman. On the White Party, she then again against those they missed all summer. They decide in secret to give their relationship another chance. This failed because Gossip Girl post on its website that they are together again. Blair is not happy with this new relationship and finds that they first must resolve their problems. If Serena and then do this together thanks to a power outage because they are stuck in the elevator shows that they have about the same constant quarrel and end their relationship.

During the New York Fashion Week she goes to the fashion show of Eleanor Waldorf along with Poppy Lifton. As a result, she gets a lot of publicity and appears in many magazines. Blair's jealous and tries to sabotage the success but this fails. Serena, the catwalk on as a model and the dress she is wearing them a success. If after the show Blair confesses everything says Serena that she no longer means to give all the attention to Blair and that Blair can choose to be there for her as a friend or not at all.

Serena actually wanted to go to Brown University but Yale University visit goes to thwart Blair. Eventually, Serena and Blair not adopted there leading to a catfight. After this they make it good again and also get Blair an invitation from Yale.

If they are in the Gallery of Rufus Aaron Rose meets he asks her out to dinner, but Serena beats that off because they just got out of a relationship with then comes.When they later realize that they met Aaron years earlier during a summer camp she wants a date with him. If it turns out that Aaron sees other girls during their relationship is that difficult for Serena, but still keeps the relationship mode. If they go on a trip together comes Serena only back, they found out that she has a relationship with Dan. Let this also again so they are again a couple. This relationship is also not last long as Serena believes that thanks to Blair Than cheating with her English teacher Rachel Carr.

Then she goes on holiday with Poppy Lifton and her friend Gabriel. After this holiday show that Gabriel and Serena have feelings for each other and she thinks being married, but that turns out to be a misunderstanding. Gabriel wants a company and Serena helps him at a party by Lily raise funds. In the end this scam as Gabriel and Poppy go there with the money off. Serena wants along with Blair, Nate, Chuck and Georgina Sparks ensure that Poppy can be picked up, but Lily doesn't allow the hair. Serena press and Lily let Serena pick it up and put in the cell. She has this feud with Lily.

After Gossip Girl on the graduation ceremony reveals all the secrets behind the identity of Gossip Girl Serena wants to come, but this fails. Serena is getting ready to go to Brown University to go as Carter Baizen tells her that he knows where her father is.

Differences between books and TV series[Edit][edit | edit source]

  • Serena has an older brother who In the book is called Erik, heterosexual and on the Brown University is. In the television series is called he Eric, he is younger, homosexual and schoolboy.
  • In the books, Serena came back to New York because she was sent from boarding school because they did not return for the start of the school year, in the television series she came back because her brother had made a suicide attempt.
  • In the book series Serena's parents are still together and has never spoken a word her mother, Lilian with Rufus in contrast to the TV series where they have had a relationship in the past. Also, in the television series does not have the father of Serena spoken until the last episode of the second season where Carter Baizen her father has found.
  • In the television series would Serena after her return on school change in a quieter type, in the book series, however, they immediately want to events.
  • In the book series is the relationship between Dan and Serena very short, in the television series takes this much longer and is this relationship more explored.
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