The Crush is a film from 1993, directed by Alan Shapiro. It stars Cary Elwes and Alicia Silverstone, who made her film debut in this film. The story is about a gifted but unstable girl who develops a crush on an older man that end up in an unhealthy obsession degenerates as this man rejects her.

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Nick Elliot, a writer, moves into a guest house at the Forrester family. This family consists of Cliff and Liv, and their 14-year-old daughter Adrian. Adrian is a beautiful and very intelligent girl but is emotionally unstable. She quickly develops a crush on Nick, despite him being twice her age. Adrian pursues Nick through relentless seduction. As consequence, this leads Nick to become attracted to Adrian, committing the mistake of kissing her after a party.

Adrian’s obsession towards Nick soon intensifies, and Nick realizes that the age gap is not appropriate. Nick tries to make it clear to her that a relationship between them is not possible. He subsequently builds a relationship with his colleague, Amy.

Adrian quickly becomes jealous of this newfound attention, and cannot handle Nick having affections for another woman. Adrian’s obsession soon takes a turn for the worst. She leaves Nick’s voice mail with dozens of messages. Adrian steals childhood photograph with his grandfather, later shown sabotaging the faces with scratches. On a separate occasion, Nick attempts to take back the photo by visiting Adrian’s home, but panics and flees to her room as he discovers she just got out of the shower. As she returns to her room, Nick hides in the closet, and the hangers make noises as he becomes embarrassed at the sight of her undressing. Adrian, hearing the noise, knowing Nick can see her, slowly undresses and poses naked in front of him. Gradually, her actions soon turn destructive.

Adrian destroys Nicks car, writing obscene language on the front hood. She also wipes all the case files on his hard drive, containing the crucial information for his work. Cheyenne, a friend of Adrian, Nick tries to warn that Adrian is dangerous, but Adrian ensures that happens to her an ' accident '. Also she tries to kill Amy by her to lock up in a room with a hornet's nest. Amy survives this and Nick trying desperately to find another housing, away from Adrian. Adrian sabotages his attempts, and also successfully so he dont like her parents do not want to listen.

Adrian spies on Nick and Amy when they eventually have sex, and steals the used condom from the garbage after expires. This uses them to Nick to be accused of sexual abuse, and he is arrested. His boss shoot the deposit for but dismisses him immediately. Nick hears of Cheyenne, however, a journal that keeps track of Adrian. This can absolve him, and Nick breaks in at night at the Forresters to obtain the journal. There he discovers Cheyenne tied up in the attic by Adrian. Her father Cliff discovered him and Nick falls to. But Adrian, still hopelessly in love with Nick, her father falls, on which Nick her with a single blow can disable and Cheyenne can release.

Nick goes with Amy cohabitation, and Adrian should undergo psychiatric treatment. She loves sessions with her psychiatrist, and, at his urging, she writes excuse letters to Nick. In the meantime she developed an increasingly strong infatuation on the older attractive doctor ...

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Awards and nominations[Edit][edit | edit source]

Price Category Person
MTV Movie Award Best Breakthrough Performance Alicia Silverstone
MTV Movie Award Best Villain Alicia Silverstone
Nomination Category Person
MTV Movie Award Most Desirable Female Alicia Silverstone
Young Artist Award Best Youth Actress Leading Role in a Motion Picture Drama Alicia Silverstone
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