The Wanderers is a 1979 American film about some members of a youth gang from the BronxNew York. The film was directed by Philip Kaufman and based on the novel The Wanderers by Richard Price from 1974.

Plot[Edit][edit | edit source]

The film follows a few gang members of The Wanderers, a youth gang from the Bronx in 1963, when they have to deal with rapidly changing times. They have a lot of trouble with the emerging hippie culture, their relationships, family, sexuality and friendship. In addition, they are in battle with the Fordham Baldies.

Youth Gangs[Edit][edit | edit source]

  • The Wanderers: A Italian gang comprising 27 members. They all wear yellow/brown baseball jackets with rear The Wanderers with blue jeans. Their leader is Richie, a young man who courtship with Amanda Galasso, the daughter of an important mafioso.
  • Fordham Baldies: An American youth gang consisting of around 40 members. They are, as their name suggests, all bald. They all wear leather jackets with a skull on the back and the letters FB (Fordham Baldies) on the sleeve. Their leader is Terror, a large heavyweight.
  • Del Bombers: A Black youth gang consisting of 23 members. They wear purple/gold baseball jackets with the letters DB on the back. Their leader is Clinton Stitch, which has a great dislike of Italians.
  • Ducky Boys: An Irish youth gang consisting of approximately 500 members. They have no specific gang clothing, talk rarely, and are all religious. They all have a tattoo of a cross. Despite their faith, however, they have no trouble with Scout. They are therefore also the most feared gang in New York.
  • The Wongs: A Chinese youth gang comprising 27 members who all are called Wong from behind. They always wear black clothing with a hanzi on their backs. They all have a tattoo of a dragon. They are very talented in Jujitsu and diving always from scratch on. their leader is Teddy Wong.

The Fordham BaldiesDel Bombers and Ducky Boys were real youth gangs from the Bronx from the era where the movie themselves in playing. The Wanderers was a real youth gang from SouthBrooklyn from the same era. The writer of the book, Richard Price, knew the gangs of his childhood in the Bronx. The Price was a figment ofWongs .

Soundtracks[Edit][edit | edit source]

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